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  • D-Glow
    D-Glow is the innovative platform of the Medical SPA line by DEKA dedicated to total care of the face and its most delicate areas. With D-Glow, microbiological current (MBC) and ultrasound (US) for the first time work in synergy for treatment of the most common skin blemishes.      
  • Minisilk FT
    Permanent hair removal with Minisilk FT is a gradual and painless pulsed light treatment, modulable on any skin and hair type. It is the perfect solution to forever say goodbye to waxing, because right from the first sessions it guarantees a significant reduction in the amount of hair, regrowth slows down considerably and gradually stops altogether.
  • TriActive Plus
    Technologies in synergy for ageless harmonious beauty. The TriActive Plus platform uses laser sources, radiofrequency and ultrasound in a synergic action to combat cellulite, skin relaxation and localised adiposity.      


Medical SPA

Medical SPA is a new establishment that is a medical clinic and a wellness centre in one, offering you complete beauty programmes in your search for new holistic health, harmony and psychophysical balance. Here, in a relaxing environment that integrates spa services with advanced therapeutic treatments, you can rely on experts and professional technologies to find your personal path to well-being and health in body and skin care.

Medical SPA is the new trend that started off in the USA and has spread all over the world with great success - from the original meaning of SPA (Salus Per Aquam), the concept soon spread to a great many types of clinics and beauty centres.

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